Welcome to Climate Hacks, the first ever virtual hackathon hosted by Society of Women Coders. Climate Hacks will be hosted from March 5-7, 2021 for SOW Alumni as well as new participants around the globe! The Hackathon is designed to be beginner friendly with workshops tailored for first timers as well as advanced programmers with lots of amazing prizes,games, networking opportunities and fun learning!

This hackathon is created with the objective to provide a safe space where young women interested in STEM can work together, build connections, and learn new skills. The goal of this hackathon is for the participants to build a project around a solution/idea/product/service that tackles this growing and VERY REAL issue of our living world in their local region with technology.


Our planet is the only home we have and we have to do more to save it from irreversible damage. Let's #ActInTime!

Individuals or teams of 2 will work together to come up with a solution that can educate or solve a specific environmental issue.  Some examples may include a website containing different resources about environmental changes, an app to keep track of your ecological footprint, a quiz to test someone’s knowledge on environmental issues, or even a prototype of a product that can be considered environmentally friendly. Any creative ideas are acceptable!



Dates - March 5 - March 7, 2021

Duration - 48 hours

Project submission window - 12 hours

Team - 1 or 2 max

Student Registration : tinyurl.com/climatehacks-reg

Mentor Registration : tinyurl.com/climatehacks-mentor


Open to Girls 14 years or older

Have registered through Sowcoders registration form(link in description) and checked in on Discord

Work individually or in teams of two.

No previous knowledge of computer science is needed but is welcome.


All projects should be submitted before the March 7 2020 1:00 PM EST  , no exceptions!

Prototypes and incomplete projects can still be submitted. 

Project's links should be from Github in order to be submitted on Devpost 


  • Project Name
  • Team Member Names
  • A description of your design 
  • 3 -5 minute video demo. The purpose of this demo is to show off your project to the judges, and prove why you should win awards! To make your project easy to assess, please use the following checklist to create your video content.


For your video demo, ensure you:

  • Include pictures and/or videos of your project 

  • Explain how your project qualifies for the prize categories you are submitting under

  • Demonstrate what your project does (show the functionality of your project!)

  • Describe how you built it and the different technologies/platforms you used 

  • Explain any challenges you faced and what you did you overcome them as a team

  • Include any areas of improvement and the next steps if you had more time


Extra things to include

  • Explain how the team came up with the idea

  • Explain how did the team manage to split the work on different aspects of the project


If you have questions about preparing your demo, feel free to ask a mentor on Discord. 



Hackathon Sponsors


$600 in prizes

The Best Climate Hack

Each team member will receive $150 in form of gift card

Beginners Track - Technical (2)

Each team member will receive a $25 gift card

Best Local Hack-Best Social Enterpreneurship Idea

Each team member will receive a $25 gift card

Best Design (2)

Each team member will receive $25 gift card

SOW Alum Hack

Each Team member will receive a $25 gift card

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Faradjine Laurore

Faradjine Laurore
Cofounder/Society of Women Coders

Kavya Krishna

Kavya Krishna
Cofounder/Society of Women Coders

Ting Deng
Senior Software Engineer/AutoDesk

Debora Toussaint

Debora Toussaint
Co-founder and Vice-President of Haiti Femmes & TIC | IT Engineer

Judging Criteria

  • Idea Originality
    Idea is original and described with great detail. Idea is useful in that it solves a problem, or provides a service
  • Technical Integration
    System is well-designed and all components with their respective interfaces are working and well-designed.
  • Working Demo
    Demonstration works flawlessly and impressive. It is clear and presents the underlying design principles.
  • Presentation
    Presentation is convincing and well-rehearsed and reflect how the team was able to work effectively together.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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