• Be respectful. Harassment and abuse are never tolerated. If you are in a situation that

    makes you uncomfortable at at the event, if the event itself is creating an unsafe or

    inappropriate environment, or if interacting with an event organizer makes you uncomfortable, please report it using the procedures included in this document.

    We believe that every single person has the right to hack in a safe and welcoming environment.

    Harassment includes but is not limited to offensive verbal or written comments related to

    gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion,

    social class, economic status, veteran status, sexual images, deliberate intimidation,

    stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or

    other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. If what

    you’re doing is making someone feel uncomfortable, that counts as harassment and is

    enough reason to stop doing it.

    Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

    Sponsors, judges, mentors, volunteers, organizers, and anyone else at the event are also subject to the anti-harassment policy. In particular, attendees should not use sexualised images, activities, or other material both in their hacks and during the event.

    If a participant engages in harassing behavior, SOWCODERS may take any action it deems appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event.

    If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other

    concerns, please contact SOWCODERS ADMIN ON DISCORD CHANNEL .

  • Each team can have a max of 2 people. All of the members of a team must have applied through Sowcoders registration form and checked in on Discord. Registering through Devpost alone does not qualify as an acceptance. 
  • Teams should be made up exclusively of students who identifies as Female, aged 14 and up who are not organizers, volunteers, judges, sponsors, or in any other privileged position at the event.
  • Teams can of course gain advice and support from organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and others.
  • All work on a project should be done at the hackathon. We will verify it by your git repository
  • Teams can use an idea (but can not use materials-code from previous hackathons) they had before the event. Teams can work on an idea that they have worked on before (as long as they do not re-use code).
  • Teams may not submit code that they submit at another hackathon or for a project. 
  • Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects. Working on a project before the event and open-sourcing it for the sole purpose of using the code during the event is against the spirit of the rules and is not allowed.
  • Teams must stop hacking once the time is up. Projects will be spun up from the submitted git repositories during the presentation.
  • Projects that violate the Code of Conduct are not allowed.
  • Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers' discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules, breaking the Code of Conduct, or other unsporting behavior.